XGO Phase 1 Flame Retardant Pant - Men's

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Lightweight, moisture-wicking flame-retardant garment meant for use in warm and cold weather environments. Relaxed fit, flame-retardant pant that promotes breathability and supportive movement. Lightweight first layer. Durable and breathable, extra length.Phase 1 FRCombating the heat can be difficult when you're in the middle of the action. The Phase 1 FR garment combines the lightweight, patented blend of Modacrylic and Rayon with superior flame-retardant properties to ensure protection and comfort. Through extensive NFPA testing, the 'no-melt' and 'after-flame' treatments have been shown to consistently exceed the industry standard. As you heat up, the moisture your body produces is quickly ushered to the garment exterior while the breathable fabric helps maintain your core temperature, and the unique Ag47 silver anti-microbial protection keeps you odor-free for extended wearability in endurance situations.

  • Flame-Retardant Garment
  • Superior Moisture-Wicking
  • Ag47 Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Won't Shrink, Pick or Fade
  • Modacrylic / Rayon Blend